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Set Up Boxes

Over 84 years of experience with a diverse client base have made BELLWYCK Packaging Solutions a leader in the manufacturing of premium packaging products. Our Premium Division now offers rigid, set up boxes in addition to our extensive lineup of folding cartons. Rigid Boxes offer the client a format of packaging that creates a ‘value added’ appeal to the consumer because of its substantial thick boxboard and rigid make up. Ideal for housing heavier glass products for gift sets, this is a recyclable product, made from recycled material that offers both superb protection and consumer appeal.

Additionally,  BELLWYCK produces this product 100% in-house including the critical printing, hot stamping/embossing and screening of the decorative wrap that is laminated to the rigid boxboard. In the end we control the quality throughout the manufacturing process which enables a one-stop solution creating a smoother more efficient supply chain. This one-stop solution can be further leveraged by allowing  BELLWYCK to assemble and fulfill your boxes with the product. In the end we offer the ability for you to receive an assembled finished product ready to be shipped to the retailer!

And if you want perfect continuity throughout your product line BELLWYCK Packaging Solutions will ensure accurate colour-matching during the manufacturing process of both folding cartons and rigid set up boxes since the printing is done on the same presses with the same ink under the same roof.


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