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Folding Cartons



For an eye-catching, reflective image, we also provide foil stamping (hot stamping) using foil films rather than inks. In this process, an image is transferred to a package surface by applying heat and pressure to a roll of film or foil using a special dye, a wide selection or foil colors, finishes and effects are available, including gold, silver and colored metallics such as marble, leather, wood and pearl.


BELLWYCK’s die cutting department boasts leading edge equipment for carton embossing and debossing, as well as cutting or creasing for plastic substrates. Laser cut dies crafted by our structural design department ensure total accuracy in the final product. We also offer blanking to ensure large runs are processed quickly and efficiently.


BELLWYCK is proud to handle complex carton styles with intricate gluing patterns using a special gluer equipped with 8 high-pressure guns and 3 hot melt applicators. All machines feature barcode scanning to prevent desegregation and advanced detection systems to monitor glue application. Substandard cartons are automatically ejected.


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