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Folding Cartons

Over 84 years of experience and a diverse client base have made BELLWYCK Packaging Solutions a leader in folding carton products. Whether a carton design is needed with pinpoint accuracy or a high level of complexity and creativity, our sophisticated, innovative in-house structural CAD and prepress operations, and leading–edge print and finishing technology ensure smooth project management. Special attention is paid to our various decorating techniques to ensure your outer package reflects the distinguishing product inside. With the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and technology our Premium Division is steeped in experience of producing high end luxury packaging for the fragrance, cosmetics, skincare + treatment, confection and specialty liquor industries.

If your needs are even more complex, we’re ready and able to work with you. Our award-winning carton designs prove it! From a two-piece hexagonal box with a hot stamped window, to a scale model of a space shuttle, we’ve been asked for and delivered a wide range of intricate and innovative cartons. We always welcome a challenge. If you can dream it, we’d love to build it!


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